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How much does a Fractional CMO cost?

No clickbait here.

We’ll be spilling the real numbers on how much you should budget for a Fractional CMO.

In this 3-minute video, we’ll share answers to:
Does a Fractional CMO cost me less than a full-time CMO? Are Fractional CMOs “high-quality” CMOs?
The unexpected advantage of hiring a Fractional CMO who’s working for more than one company.


Can’t watch it right now? No problem, there is a full transcript of the video below.

Tan Am I correct in assuming that a Fractional CMO will cost me less than a full time CMO? Or is that a wrong assumption? Tanja Yes. I mean, a simple answer would be yes, because a Fractional CMO, as the name suggests, you get them for the fraction, which means you get a fraction of that time, but you also get them for a fraction of the cost. Tan Do you find that some people view a Fractional CMO as a cheaper version, like a less quality version? Because when they pay for a good CMO, they think, Oh, I have to pay a lot of money. Then I'm getting something real. Whereas Fractional CMO, I'm not getting something as good. Do you think they think that because of the money they're spending? Tanja Yeah, that's a common misconception. But I feel like that you can get a highly valuable CMO for a fraction of the cost. And here's why. So you need somebody that helps you with a strategic marketing. You need somebody who shows the way what you should be doing in the company. And you need somebody who takes full marketing responsibility and makes sure that all your great plans and the strategy gets implemented. And that might happen on a full time basis or on the part-time or, as we say, on a fractional basis. So sometimes all you need is a 30% CMO who just shows you the way and makes sure things get done. And it would be a waste of your money to have a full time CMO, if you can do it already with also with a Fractional CMO. And I have to say that usually Fractional CMOs, they're highly talented people. They would get bored working with one company. They get energy from working with several companies at the same time. And then they're also benefiting from synergies. And your company can also benefit from these images. Tan Okay. So now the title of this video, just so that it's not clickbait. Can you give me some numbers? What kind of money can I expect to spend? Tanja Yes, and I can give you the exact numbers. Tan Oh, me. Tanja So we are now, of course, looking from a northern European perspective. It might be different in the stage. It might be different more south. You go in Europe, but from a north in Europe perspective, if you work Fractional CMO over 30%, then you're looking at between 5 to 7 K per month. If you have a Fractional CMO over 60% working with you, you're looking at between 7K to 10K. And then you can also go with an 80% engagement, sometimes even at 100% engagement. Then we're looking at between 10 to 15 K. Tan Okay. So, from around 5K on the low end to 15K on the high end. Tanja Yes. Tan Great. Thank you so much time. Tanja Thank you. Tan All right. Thank you for watching CMO Chat. Join us again next time.


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