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Why hiring a Fractional CMO might be your next best move in marketing

If you think a Contract CMO is a bad trade-off compared to employing full-time, this episode is for you.

In this 3-minute video, we’ll discuss the five big benefits for companies considering getting a Fractional CMO:

📊 Outcome-based
💪 Highly Motivated
🚪 Easy hire & fire
💸 Monthly flat fee
📜 Flexible Scope of Work


Can’t watch it right now? No problem, there is a full transcript of the video below.

Tan All right, welcome to another episode of CMO Chat. I'm Tan. Tanja And I'm Tanja. Tan All right, Tanja. Hiring a Fractional CMO, my first thought would be, I'm getting somebody who's only giving me a fraction of their time and energy and commitment. Would you say that's a fair, first reaction of most people? Tanja Well, that's usually how people first direct trade, they say, but, hey, I need a full time person. Why would I go for a fractional CMO? Like, what is this? Yeah. So what are the benefits? Tanja So, I would first answer the question with that; even though you might not get 100% of their time, you still get 100% of their commitment. Because a Fractional CMO, they work towards concrete outcomes. They are not just sitting around and trying to get to the 40 hours they have to spend because they're employed. They really try to find the fastest way possible in order to get you at the company, The result. Tan That's really huge.Most people don't realize, as soon as you hire somebody as permanent, full time staff, they lose a little bit of the urgency and the motivation. Whereas a fractional CMO, they're here to achieve results immediately. Tanja Yes. And there's also other benefits. Like, for instance, hiring a full time CMO, the whole recruitment process is really expensive. You often have to look for months, you have to interview people. Like, it's a whole thing. And another thing is that if you hire, and for instance, if you don't like your Fractional CMO for X, Y or Z reasons, you can get rid of them. Tan So from the buyers side, I'm hiring a Fractional CMO. I'm getting full commitment from the Fraction CMO. But from my side, I don't have to give full commitment. Meaning, I don't have to hold on to them if I feel like I want to end the relationship. Tanja Yes. Tan So that's a big benefit. Tanja So it's very it's risk-free. Like, if you hire a Fractional CMO, you can be sure that if you don't like what they're doing or if you see no need for them anymore, you can just get rid of them anytime. And that is also the reason why a Fraction CMO is often very committed because they don't have job security. They really have to earn they keep every single day. And make sure that you're happy with what they're doing. Tan That is huge. Yeah, that's huge. Because that means you have somebody motivated. Tanja Absolutely. And then you also have to think about that, the scope of work, it's very flexible. And also, when we say, well, you have to pay for a fractional CMO. Yes. And some companies might argue that, oh, I only get 50% of the commitment, but still I have to pay several thousand euros. And to that I would say; yes, but you didn't have any recruitment costs. You don't have any idle time costs. You don't have to pay any employee benefits. You know, these things add up. The Fractional CMO, you pay a flat fee every month and that's it. Tan Awesome. I'm sold. Thank you, Tanya. Tanja Thank you. Tan All right. Thank you for watching. Join us again next time.


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