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Your next career move:

Want better clients, exceptional colleagues and a proven method to do your best marketing work?


Hey B2B Marketing Freelancer


Do you wanna do more than just consulting?

      Have long-term relationships with customers?

          See the outcome of your ideas and hard work?

              Be part of a team, but keep your independence?

                   Get a steady monthly income and a performance-based bonus?


If you answer YES to these questions, you might wanna become a Fractional CMO for CMOwashere.

“Working as Fractional CMO, as part of the CMOwashere team, brings exciting opportunities to work with forward-thinking start-ups early in their marketing journey who want to accelerate their businesses with results-driven marketing strategies.”

Adam Trainis

"CMOwashere is a solid platform, that enables me as a Fractional CMO, to use my energy and experience, to help companies to accelerate growth."

Mikael Wällstedt

"I genuinely love helping companies with marketing, and I feel CMOwashere is the best opportunity for me to do so."

Mika Lind

   What’s in
it for you?





You get clients – we find and match you with the right companies for your experience and skills, and help you land the deal

Monthly retainer gives more security instead of chasing one project after another (80/20) + KPI-based bonus

Finder’s fee for every new client you bring (even if another CMO ends up working with them)





Access to a community of experienced CMOs that support each other (knowledge-sharing) – sparring partner

Squad – Access to talented marketing freelancers to help you get the job done (save time)

The power of the brand – more exclusive clients that you won’t be able to get as a solo freelancer





We teach you an episodic method to speed up the elevation and time to value—repeatable for every client, that makes your work life easier + ongoing Masterclasses to deepen your knowledge


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  If you're an experienced B2B Marketer, with the mind of a CMO, and the heart of an entrepreneur, apply for our Fractional CMO Community now!

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