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Your next CMO

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Erin Vanderveldt

Tennesee, USA

English, Spanish

Data Analysis, Brand Communication, Finance, Team leading, CPG, Consumer services, Learning development, Retail, Marketing strategy

Adam Trainis_edited.jpg

Adam Trainis

London, UK

English, Spanish

Brand strategy, Customer acquisition & GTM, Communications & PR, ontent strategy & copywriting


Annabel Youens

Victoria, Canada


A 2x technology founder with deep marketing experience taking B2B companies into the US market. A focus on marketing strategies for B2B SaaS and technology companies underpinned by achievable goals and a sustainable workload. A creative thinker who believes that the best marketing strategies are aligned with the businesses values and people strategies.


Mika Lind

Helsinki, Finland

Finnish, Swedish and English

Finance, Software Development,

E-Commerce, Industrial Development,

Retail, and Consulting services


Lotta Heikkari

Helsinki, Finland

Finnish, Swedish, English and German

Finance, accounting, software, PR, marketing startup, inbound marketing, lead generation, communication


Madulika Ray

Vancouver, Canada


Strategic Messaging, social selling, leadership,content and  account- based marketing


Mikael Wällstedt

Stockholm, Sweden

 Swedish, English  German and French

Works with Enterprise IT and Software companies to drive business development and growth by defining and executing a clear Go-To-Market plan

+ many more

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Kampinkuja 2, 00100 Helsinki

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