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Stop sacrificing long-term gains for short-term wins

"I want sales, I don't need marketing!"

Tanja is absolutely fed up with this short-sighted statement that completely disregards the critical role of marketing in driving sales.

She argues that a balanced approach to marketing can lead to quick wins and sustainable growth.
Will Tan come around to her way of thinking? Tune in to find out.


Can’t watch it right now? No problem, there is a full transcript of the video below.

All right.
Welcome to another episode of CMO Chat.
I'm Tan

and I'm Tanja.

I want to ask you if you remember

a few weeks ago when we were speaking,
you told me this phrase
and you said it really bothered you. So I said,
I want to talk to you about this.

You said you see it in quite a few places
where people say, I want sales, I don't need marketing,
I just need sales.

Do you remember?

Yeah, I don't need marketing and sales.

Why does that bother you,
when you hear that, let it out.

It bothers me because it is such…
It's short sighted.
of course, every company needs sales.

Of course.

And also the whole point of marketing is to increase sales.

Even though marketing might not be
the people who sit down with the customer
and make the actual negotiations
and a deal. That's the job of sales. But marketing comes into the picture
before all of that, before the customer knocks at the door and says,
Hey, I'm interested that your product that is marketing.

When you say it's short sighted, yeah,
when somebody says they want sales,
does that mean they want to jump the process
and they want to get to the end without going through the process?

Is that what you mean by how is it short sighted and long sighted?

Yeah, something that I have been hearing
Recently when talking to companies and CEOs is that
we don't need all this branding stuff. It's just a waste of our time
because we need sales yesterday,
kind of like and I get it.

Yeah. And if they are in that situation
where they need revenue quickly, it does marketing help?

Yes, marketing helps.
But you have to do you have to have a different approach.

I always see marketing
as like a true lane street.

Like you have the short term activities,
like those activities for the quick gains. You run some ads, you contact
people directly via email, you call them.
There's a ton of things you can do,
like for the short term gain.

But then you can not forget like the long term activities
if you want to be in it for the long run.

That's the thing.

If the market is very noisy.
There's a lot of competition out there
and if you don't have a brand that people remember,
if you're not distinctive, then you will suffer in the long run
and you might sacrifice long term success for short term

Love it.


Nice insights.

Thank you, Tanja.

Thanks, Tan

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